The rebooting of the ROSEANNE show was the surprise hit of the television season.  Not only was its controversial star, a long time darling in left wing enclaves, portraying a Trump voter on her revitalized show; in reality, Roseanne Barr was the unexpected “toast of the town” in flyover country for her unabashed enthusiasm for President Trump and many of his policies.

It was a “Twilight Zone” nightmare for the political left; leaving Hollywood stunned and horrified.  There is an unwritten code in show business that all productions must not only champion liberal “values'” and ideology, but in the era of Trump, every political reference must be an outright condemnation of all things Trump and any deplorable soul vile and stupid enough to elect him.

Trump loathers feed their compulsive distain for the 45th president with daily doses of hatred and bile giddily doled out by malignant misanthropes such as  Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, Rachel Maddow and the foul mouthed “ladies on the View.”

The Roseanne Show broke all the liberal rules; it wasn’t vicious and it made people laugh and not always at the expense of just Conservatives, but at the comedic absurdity of both sides of the aisle.  It was funny, human, and entertaining; and it was a ratings bonanza for ABC.

Liberals were almost suicidal when the network announced a second season for the blockbuster; so accustomed to having a monopoly on all political views defined as worthy from the classroom to the courthouse to their casting couches, they couldn’t handle the triumph of one sitcom rising out of their ashes of one-stop thought.

What were they going to do to stop ROSEANNE?  Their high-priced therapists evidently didn’t have the answer; the perpetual condemnation of the show by the mainstream propagandists didn’t seem to do the trick.  Even defining the woman, who once made liberals so proud with her disrespectful, ear drum destroying, crotch grabbing rendition of our National Anthem, as a bigot, Nazi, mysogynistic  shrew, and worse didn’t seem to derail ROSEANNE.

Until Roseanne herself, with a single gross and disturbing tweet, handed her haters a lifeline.  She made a hideous and racist comment about the woman often credited for being the true power behind Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett.  Roseanne apologized profusely and later blamed her repulsive rant on a combination of Ambien and alcohol.  The makers of Ambien responded that “racism” is not one of the side effects of their drug.

ABC, the network who still showcases liberals who have made highly offensive statements about Christians, everyone in the Trump family, and other “acceptable conservative” targets, immediately dropped ROSEANNE from their line-up.  Disney dropped Roseanne;  her agent dumped her as well.

And there was joy in Liberal-land.  Ding Dong ROSEANNE was dead.  No one defended what Roseanne said; condemnation was swift and pervasive.

It took only an hour or two for the left to blame it all on President Trump and his supporters; according to the liberal spin machine, “Trump and his deplorables made Roseanne believe her racism was acceptable…they own this,” became their propaganda point of the day.

And while no one defended Roseanne or what she said, some questioned whether or not there would have been a different standard for her if she was still part of the left wing bandwagon.  Would she have been given another chance?  Left wingers like Keith Olberman, Bill Maher,  and Joy Behar have said highly offensive things that generated massive public outcry and disgust, but they still have their careers.


Many on the political Right argue, “if we defend Roseanne, we are no better than the hypocrites on the left who all ban together to protect one of their own regardless of what he or she does or says.”

Once again, the left is being allowed to set the narrative.  If you don’t back the decision to dump the ROSEANNE show, you too are a racist, a hater, and a bigot.

If you object to the distinct double standard: forgiveness and tolerance (even celebration) for the left vs. an immediate and permanent professional death penalty for conservatives, you should be shunned and ostracized as unfit for humanity.

And as the left parties, and Kathy Griffin sells out at Carnegie Hall; the talented cast and crew of the ROSEANNE show are put out of business as the political Right dances behind the Pied Piper of Political Correctness with our consciences in tact.  Happy Days are here again.

Jayne Carroll hosted a daily talk show in afternoon drive time in the Portland, Oregon metro area for more than 20 years.  She wrote a popular conservative newspaper column for over a decade.  Her live shows and podcasts can now be heard at in addition to her political commentary, “Jayne Says“.  She and her Producer Jeremy can be contacted here.  Guest appearances and speaking bookings can be arranged via email at [email protected].

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