As the Democrats and their media lap dogs  try to convince the American people that planting an FBI operative or operatives in the Trump campaign was routine “law enforcement” and not an abuse of power to insure that Donald Trump never became president, one has to wonder where was Obama’s lame duck Attorney General while all of this was going on?

Was Loretta Lynch a willing accomplice in the alleged Obama administration’s clandestine dime store novel plot to sabotage Trump’s campaign or was she picked to replace the ethically challenged Eric Holder at the opportune time to take the fall, if necessary, or because she could easily be marginalized out of the entire process?

Was Loretta Lynch chosen because the men in the Obama justice department and national security agencies knew they could keep her out of the loop while they pulled off the biggest political scandal in American history?  Or did she go along with all of their plans because Hillary Clinton had already let it be known that when she was elected president, she planned to keep her on as Attorney General?

Lynch, who was originally appointed to the bench by Bill Clinton, was named to succeed Eric Holder with great fanfare; we were told her integrity was impeccable and her legal credentials unsurpassed.  Anyone opposed to her confirmation instantly was immediately identified as sexist or racist and likely both.

Eventually, Lynch became the deserved object of great scorn when days before Hillary Clinton was slated to be interviewed by the FBI, the A.G had a private meeting with Hillary’s husband when their two planes “coincidentally” rendezvoused on the same hot tarmac in Arizona.  Both Lynch and Clinton claim their 30 plus minute visit was an innocent encounter where the two shared golf and grandchildren stories; days later, then FBI director James Comey, after citing a long list of laws Mrs. Clinton had broken, made the announcement that Clinton would not be prosecuted.  The case was closed; Mrs. Clinton and President Obama were out stumping for Hillary’s election when Comey made the announcement.  Hard to believe, they both didn’t already know what Comey, not Lynch, had decided.  Presidents don’t tend to take candidates aboard Air Force I and head off to a campaign rally if that candidate is on the verge of being indicted by that president’s Justice Department.

If the Lynch-Clinton grandchild-golf summit was just a chance encounter between two old pals, why didn’t the Attorney General, not the head of the FBI, make the announcement?  Lynch seemed quite willing to allow Comey to usurp her role and her decision making in the process?  Why?  Was it because Bill Clinton’s tarmac encounter (he actually waited some time for her plane to arrive so he could make a surprise boarding to share mutual photos of their grand babies) left her compromised or was it planned so that she would be compromised clearing the path for Comey to make the decision and the announcement?

We now know that months before, prior to the bulk of the key witnesses and potential co-defendents had been interviewed (and immunity had been handed out like candy) by the FBI, Comey had already made his decision and drafted his statement letting Clinton “skate.”  Bill Clinton didn’t “compromise Lynch” until days before James Comey had his notorious and unorthodox press conference…exactly when was it determined that Comey would be the surrogate A.G. in the Clinton case? Who made the decision and why did Lynch go along with it?  Was she told by the men of the Obama posse what her role must be and where was she when the FBI was planting paid “informants” in the Trump campaign and using a Clinton bought and paid for dossier to obtain dubious FISA warrants?  Or did Lynch, also wanting Clinton to win, go along with the alleged diabolical plan?

Was Lynch out to lunch when the Obama team was seeking and obtaining authorization to “unmask” names of Trump campaign operatives?

One thing is certain, Obama’s male team of national and domestic security heads James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, John Brennan, Director of the CIA, and FBI director James Comey all had utter contempt for Donald Trump.  Did the Attorney General also share their malignant hatred of the Republican nominee and eventual president-elect or did they simply circumvent her and go after Trump unabated by either the law or anyone in the Obama administration?

And while legitimate questions are being asked about the despicable and possibly unlawful actions taken by his team, where was Barack Obama in all of this…did the President and his A.G. sign off on what the FBI was doing or were they both sidestepped while the Swamp was running amok?  And why was the African-American woman, only the second woman and African American to ever occupy the job of Attorney General, marginalized out of the process?

Jayne Carroll hosted a daily talk show in afternoon drive time in the Portland, Oregon metro area for more than 20 years.  She wrote a popular conservative newspaper column for over a decade.  Her live shows and podcasts can now be heard at in addition to her political commentary, “Jayne Says“.  She and her Producer Jeremy can be contacted here.