Will she show or will she say, “No”? That is the question of the week.

The sordid story of Christine Blasey Ford has faced serious unraveling from last weekend when her attorney demanded a congressional hearing for Ford to tell her story under oath; and everyone is wondering whether she and her attorney were bluffing about wanting to tell her story in public.

“Be careful of what you ask for” when you evidently were not serious about wanting to testify before congress under oath.

With uncharacteristic bravado and strategic thinking, the Republicans have turned the tables on Ford and the Democrats by granting Ford’s demand for a congressional hearing.

With the usual Republicans-in-Name-Only saying they wouldn’t vote to confirm Kavanaugh if Ford were not allowed to testify before the committee, it appeared the Democrats last minute playing of their “Anita Hill” card had achieved its end… blocking Kavanaugh from being on the Supreme Court.

And there was much joy in Swamp Land.

Democrats were counting on the Republican leadership to deny Ford “her day in Congress” and then, with three known Republicans defecting, Kavanaugh’s confirmation would be surely doomed. Hoping for a last minute victory and beiieving at a minimum they would delay the vote until after the midterms, the minority party thought they had once again foiled Trump from getting his nominee. But for once, the Republicans out foxed the foxes.

With full support from the White House, they granted Ford’s request. After cancelling the vote scheduled for today (a huge victory for the Democrats), they granted Ford her day in Congress on Monday, Sept. 24th. Judge Kavanaugh immediately said he would be there to testify under oath… dead silence from Ford and her fellow Democrat activist attorney.

Clearly, the Democrats were counting on Ford’s demand for a hearing to be denied. Only a couple of days before, the establishment media was telling us that Ford must be telling the truth or she wouldn’t be willing to testify before Congress, under oath, with millions of Americans watching. “No one,” said the Democrats and their like-thinking media minions, “would face this kind of scrutiny if she was not telling the truth.”

Suddenly, the handful of collaborators who had taken to social media to proclaim they personally knew Ford was telling the truth, were backing off their earlier validation of her heinous accusations.

Their excuse for retracting their support went something like this: Our opinions were based not on first person knowledge of what happened, but what others (Ford and several unnamed individuals) told them about the 36 year ago alledged sexual assault. In other words, they were willing to help desroy Kavanaugh based on second hand gossip. Over night, the rock-solid pro-Ford “witnesses” were dropping out like flies and shutting down their social media accounts, after retracting their earlier testimonials championing Ford’s version of the “truth.”

About two days after she demanded a full public congressional hearing for the world to hear her client’s compelling story, Ford’s attorney declined the oppportunity for her to participate in the exact hearing she had demanded.

“Dr. Ford won’t testify until after there is a full investigation by the FBI,” was the new condition that must be met for the alledged victim to agree to testify. What? It was Ford who wrote a letter to Senator Diane Feinstein, telling of her 36 year-old story of abuse at the hands of Judge Kavanaugh and asking the senator to bring these charges against him while her identity must not be revealed. Feinstein deep sixed the charges until Kavanaugh’s confirmation was on a fast track for approval and Ford’s fuzzy anonymous charges were all they had left in their bag of Democratic tricks. So they played the “Anita Hill” card on Kavanaugh less than week before the vote to approve him was scheduled. But it didn’t work. Feinstein was savaged for sitting on the letter for months and then bringing the anonymous charges at the eleventh hour.  The Democrat senator, who eventually admitted that Ford’s story was not totally believable to her,  argued that she didn’t bring it up earlier  to protect the victim who wanted to remain in the shadows.

So the shadow “lynching” of Kavanaugh wasn’t going to be enough to delay the vote. Out of nowhere, the “victim” had lawyered up, had taken a lie detector test administrated by her lawyer, and gave a first-hand account to the Washington Post of Kavanaugh’s attack on her.

All hell broke lose. “The vote has to be cancelled… we need to hear from Kavanaugh’s rape victim… she wants and deserves to be allowed to testify under oath before the Senate Committee and the world… in this ME TOO era, all women must be believed and taken seriously… Kavanaugh must withdraw his nomination immediately… the victim has legions of witnesses who back up her story, blah, blah, blah.”

The Swamp and their swamp media celebrated. Kavanaugh was going down. Until, the Republicans and President Trump agreed that she must be heard and set up a special hearing for Dr. Ford to tell her life and marriage destroying tale of almost be raped by Brett Kavanaugh.

That must not have been in the Democrat plan; and it appears that what Dr. Ford asked for wasn’t what she really wanted. Now she wants a full FBI investigation into a crime against her that happened sometime in the 80s, involving four men (later changed to two men), at an unknown location when she and her drunk assailants were in high school.  Even if the statute of limitations hadn’t expired decades ago on an alleged crime she never reported or even remembered until 2012, an FBI investigation would not be conducted… it is not in their jurisdiction. Not to mention, Judge Kavanaugh has had six FBI investigations into his life and character prior to serving in the White House and on the bench. None of these inordinately thorough investigations revealed any behavior remotely similar to what Dr. Ford now alleges.

Almost certainly, if Kavanaugh is the brutal violent cad Ford makes him out to be, that behavior would have repeated itself at least once in the last 36 years.

Chairman Grassley of the Senate Judicary Committee has set a deadline for Dr. Ford and her attorney to agree or disagree to testify under oath before the Committee. They have until 10:00 a.m. Friday to say “yes’ or “no” to testifying at a hearing they requested and were granted.

What will Ford decide? What else will the Democrats/media propagandists pull out of their hat next to delay the vote if the Anita Hill card doesn’t deliver? How many Democrats will sign a letter demanding an FBI investigation before a vote is allowed? If the FBI does do an investigation, doesn’t Juanita Broaddrick deserve an FBI investigation into her rape allegations against Bill Clinton?

I’ll guess it was Miss Ford in the Psych library with a pen and a phone shaped like a candlestick. My money is on “She Says No”.

Jayne Carroll hosted a daily talk show in afternoon drive time in the Portland, Oregon metro area for more than 20 years.  She wrote a popular conservative newspaper column for over a decade.  Her live shows and podcasts can now be heard at TheJayneCarrollShow.com in addition to her political commentary, “Jayne Says“.  Jayne and her Producer Jeremy Scott can be contacted here.  Guest appearances and speaking bookings can be arranged via email at [email protected].