When the dust settled and all the spin was spewed before anyone could have possibly read the almost 600 page report by the Inspector General on how the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s countless violations of national security laws was handled, one finds it was Swamp 101 standard procedure coverup just like James Comey’s absurd press conference announcing Clinton would not be prosecuted.

Michael Horowitz, just like Comey, spent the bulk of the report listing how political bias was rampant throughout the entire process and was clearly what motivated the Trump haters in the FBI who were conducting the sham investigation into crooked Hillary.  In hundreds of pages, Horowitz cited how bias was rampant and the fix was in from the onset.  The Swamp  had circumvented due process to help Hillary get elected.  And then, Horowitz concluded there was no political bias.  Amazing.


Just like Comey did in his press conference when he listed law after law after law Clinton had violated and then almost as an afterthought at the end of his press conference, he stunningly concluded that no reasonable prosecutor would prosecute her.  End of story…chapter closed.  Evidently this is how it is done at the Department of so-called Justice by the Swamp people.

We were told Comey was above reproach; we were told Horowitz was above reproach.  But when all is said and done, the swamp always lets the swamp people off the hook.

Now we have a couple of days of congressional hearings.  Here’s the easiest method for identifying the Republican “Swampees”: they won’t ask one question about what was redacted from the original draft of Horowitz’s report and if a colleague does, the Swampee will change the subject or attack the colleague for the line of inappropriate questioning.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to get the original draft of the IG report and RELEASE IT IMMEDIATELY TO THE PUBLIC, if Sessions was even allowed to see it in the first place by the Swamp Attorney General Rob Rosenstein.

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  1. Yep the swamp just gets bigger…too bad Session is such a little person….

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