Democrats, the Swamp and their cohorts in the mainstream media, whose despicable tactics to resist and destroy Donald Trump and his presidency have led the team of partisan hacks on Robert Mueller’s witch hunt on Trump-Russian collusion down one costly rabbit trail after another with nothing to show for it, are attempting a desperate double “Hail Mary” to out fox “The Donald”.

Both strategies are long shots involving dubious legal and ethical shenanigans, but desperate times (and a compliant media eager to spin it your way no matter how shameless or deceitful) evidently make it worthwhile for the rabid Trump haters of the Swamp.

First, the FBI somehow (at Mueller’s behest) obtained a warrant to raid the office, the home, and the New York hotel room of President Trump’s personal attorney.  On what grounds?  Possible bank fraud and violation of campaign election laws.

Possible bank fraud and campaign election law violations… what do they have to do with Trump’s collusion with the Russians?  Nothing.  But evidently, the attorney once worked on negotiations re: building a Trump hotel in Russia which unofficially makes him a close Friend of Putin (FOP) and a card carrying member of the KGB or something pretty close to that.

No Mueller is now going after Trump by going after his private attorney.  So they raided his home, his office, and his hotel room… even though the attorney had been cooperating fully with all the document requests made by Mueller.  But evidently you lose your attorney-client privilege if you are taking on the Swamp.  Working with the U.S. Federal Attorney from New York (bank fraud and election law violations are actually under their jurisdiction and have absolutely nothing to do with what Mueller is supposed to be investigating)… the claim is that Trump’s attorney by negotiating a lucrative non-disclosure agreement with a porn star violated election laws and the money he used to buy her confidentiality was borrowed from a bank (the lawyer failed to mention that the money was going to the porn star which in Mueller’s book is bank fraud).  So if you borrow money from a bank, tell them the money is going for a new fence in your back yard and you use it for a breast enhancement instead…and (even though you paid the money back and were deemed financially eligible to get a loan in the first place) that is now bank fraud?

And what is the penalty for breaking campaign finance election laws… maybe we should check with the Clinton campaign who clearly broke campaign election laws when Al Gore accepted a large illegal foreign donation for their re-election campaign from a Buddhist monk.  Is the punishment a massive and prohibitive fine, a jail sentence, or a nullification of the election?  Not exactly.  This may be the rabbit hole to trump all other Mueller rabbit holes.

But don’t worry, the back-up Mueller “Hail Mary” involves Facebook and the far left Obama/Clinton devotee Mark Zuckerberg (“everyone should be paid a minimum income for being alive”).  Just when you were thinking, why would that unlikeable and boring Hillary backer ever agree to testify before Congress about selling Facebook subscribers private information for billions and billions of dollars, we get our answer.  Zuckerberg is going to play a Democrat shell game… just when you think the billionaire brat is going to get a hard spanking from Republicans and Democrats alike, he is going to expose what is under shell number one… nothing.  But let’s look under shell number two where we will be shocked to find the golden “pea” that Mueller will use as a bullet in his firing squad to kill Trump… the Russians.  That’s right, according to Zuckerberg’s pre-released congressional testimony, Facebook was a little lax in disclosing how the personal information of its subscribers was used to influence their every thought and deed… from what toilet paper we buy to who we vote for in the upcoming elections.

The Russians, experts in brainwashing, recognized this diabolical truth before the brilliant Facebook gurus; and so Putin went all out and inflated Russia’s national debt by spending a whopping $1.2 million dollars on Facebook over 2 years to defeat Hillary Clinton and elect Donald Trump.  Well, not exactly; half the money was spent by the Russians after Trump was elected to wreak havoc on his upcoming presidency.  Meanwhile, the Obama administration was abusing power and spending millions in taxpayer dollars before and after the election to defeat and undermine Trump and his team.  A solid argument could be made that the Obama administration, Facebook, and the Russians all had the same objective; but Mark Zuckerberg is going to be a national hero when his “golden pea” is what brings the Russian-Trump collusion caper full circle and Trump is finally nailed for committing the most serious offense of all, one that must and should not go unpunished… taking on the Swamp and winning.

Yes, the odds are long that either of Mueller’s last ditch “Hail Marys” will morph his bogus investigation out of the miles of cost exorbitant rabbit holes he has led American down into, but when you have the entire mainstream media, most of the Democrats and Republicans and their congressional staffs, half of the U.S. Olympic team, the NFL kneelers, all of Hollywood, and the entire Swamp standing in the end zone trying to catch one of two Hail Marys, the odds are somewhat improved.

If there is any sense of justice and fairness left in America, just as Maxine Waters is about to catch that ball and Mark Zuckerberg is about to be carried out on David Hogg’s slight shoulders to the lascivious cheers of Michael Moore and Roger Goodell, out of the end zone masses, an aging golden haired man will jump into the sky, catch that Hail Mary and return it 102 yards to the other end zone as the stunned crowd cheers, “Build that wall.”

Stay tuned.

Jayne Carroll hosted a daily talk show in afternoon drive time in the Portland, Oregon metro area for more than 20 years.  She wrote a popular conservative newspaper column for over a decade.  Her live shows and podcasts can now be heard at in addition to her political commentary, “Jayne Says“.  She and her Producer Jeremy can be contacted here.

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