I confess…Trump signing off on the budget was brutal…but two events of this weekend put things back in perspective…and I for one, have just begun to fight.

There’s no option. Well, there is…quitting, whining about “ain’t it awful” and turning bitter and defeatist. Watching Ann Coulter, a woman who I once thought would never walk away from anything, yet again wave the white flag on Judge Jeannine’s show made me ask: Am I am going to going to be part of the problem (Coulter) or part of the solution (Judge Jeannine)? As stated above, “there is no option”.

REVOLUTION and REVULSION…have jumpstarted my resolve into overdrive.

With my political energy lacking any sign of a pulse, I owe my born again vigor to two narcissistic children driven by an egocentric lust for power, money and fame. One calls himself a revolutionary; the other is a porn star whose expiration date has evidently expired.

The young self-defined revolutionary, who bears no resemblence to those with the authentic grit required to put everything on the line for something grander than themselves, has become an icon of the mainstream propagandists and a willing instrument of the left wing maestros. In his escalated sense of righteous superiority, he struts and bellows his indignation and defines anyone not following his mundane crusade as “wanting children to die”.

He has his less obscene, but no less self-involved clones giddily using their national media megaphones to do the bidding of their manipulators and they are deluded into thinking they are generals designated to “save the world” from the mess they have inherited. They believe they are extraordinary, anointed, and “the answer” to all that is wrong with America. In other words, we have seen this rodeo before.

In reality, they are the high school debate club….bright, articulate, and clueless. Intoxicated by their overnight fame and power; they preen on national television and anyone who dares to utter a syllable of doubt about their solutions or demands is automatically defined as a cold hearted hater and a tool of the evil NRA.

They believe they are unlike all others before them and mistake the baton they have been opportunistically passed as a permanent scepter of entitled power. Buoyed by the “adult” celebrities and media fawning over their courage and vision…not to mention the far left money funding and orchestrating their every move and desire…they devour their press clippings as validation of their greatness.

In reality, they are neither unique or to blame. They are children driven initially by fear and grief…they were ripe for exploitation and have no idea they are not in charge, but useful pawns in a game far older and more sinister than they can comprehend. In this age of selfies and Kardashians, they are not the first or the last young people to march in leftist lock step truly convinced they are the political Pied Pipers of their time.

They are today’s Woodstock organizers and tomorrow’s John Kerrys; convinced they are Lincoln, or Moses, or Dr. King.

And then there is the porn star showcased on 60 Minutes for one reason….maybe, just maybe she can be the silver bullet that kills the presidency of the mainstream propagandists’ Public Enemy #1…Donald Trump.

There she was in all her glory, with Anderson Cooper attempting to give her lurid story the gravitas of a national crisis. If she had sex with Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy or John Kennedy, a decade or more ago; we wouldn’t know her name and she would be relegated to the trailer park trash heap of Democrat bimbo eruptions.

But she is the Swamp’s latest weapon of Trump destruction and so she gets to tell the world that she is a legendary film maker of remarkable intelligence. Not a victim, she claims, but a casualty nonetheless.

Watching this woman, on one hand greedy for large sums of money and on the other claiming she didn’t want the story she and her lawyer peddled to all possible takers to be heard by her child, it was hard not to conclude that she was still furious she never got to be a “celebrity” on “The Apprentice”.

Her lawyer promised or teased that she had a video…her rendition of Lewinsky’s infamous blue dress. He claimed that she and her chlld had been threatened with physical harm if she went public with her story. So she took the pathetic $130,000 and agreed to remain silent; but since President Trump never signed the agreement, it isn’t binding. No word on whether or not the $130,000 was returned and no mention of the video the lawyer used to lure viewers to the 60 Minutes expose.

Today, we are being told by the propagandists and the Democrats that Trump has finally been caught in a maelstrom of political devastation. Democrats are fired up, they have finally exploited a crisis which has generated the youthful revolution needed to get young people to the polls and marching on the streets; Trump has transformed a porn star into a sympathetic bastion of all truth, and the best prize of all, the President by signing a budget that makes even Nancy Pelosi’s botoxed face breakout in somewhat of a smile, is causing disillusioned Conservatives to dump him faster than cut and run Democrats are turning on Hillary Clinton. Happy Days are here again!

Or are they? Can one bad budget deal, an aging porn star, staff turnover and a Swamp orchestrated and establishment media fueled “Revolution” make us pack up and head for the hills? Is our new battle cry, “When the going gets tough or even slightly difficult, let’s punt.”

We weren’t the only ones betrayed by a last minute budget deal right out of the left’s fantasy playbook; President Trump was as well. He keeps making the mistake that card carrying Swampees Ryan and McConnell are on his team. Hopefully, he is a sadder but wiser president and won’t be rolled again.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I am far from perfect; I too once thought Ryan was a good conservative and could be trusted. I thought Mitt Romney would be a good president. I thought if we elected a Republican House and Senate, they would repeal Obamacare.

For this aging, jaded, and more than a little exhausted Conservative, walking away and letting this team of girlie-men and politically correct America loathing leftists dismantle our constitution, take away our freedoms, redefine our values into those of a sanctuary city, and render our Bill of Rights obsolete….without a fight, is not in my DNA.

They may believe their base is energized by their hatred of Trump and we are demoralized and down for the count. But they haven’t seen an energized base until they get even close to taking away our First and Second Amendment rights…that’s an energy that didn’t die when they tried to eradicate it from Lexington to Normandy to the ashes of the World Trade Center…not even close.

And they always, always underestimate us.

Let’s Roll!

Jayne Carroll hosted a daily talk show in afternoon drive time in the Portland, Oregon metro area for more than 20 years.  She wrote a popular conservative newspaper column for over a decade.  Her live shows and podcasts can now be heard at TheJayneCarrollShow.com in addition to her political commentary, “Jayne Says“.  She and her Producer Jeremy can be contacted here.