Thursday’s Show

North Korean hostages released, Trump’s CIA nominee, Dr. Jerome Corsi on Mueller’s investigation, Rosie O’Donnell’s campaign contributions, the Oregon Governor’s race, Dr. Knute Buehler, and the latest data on incarcerated illegal aliens.

Monday’s Show

Sen. John McCain boycotts Trump from his funeral and throws Sarah Palin under the bus, John Kerry and the Iran nuke deal, Real Science with Dr. Gordon Fulks, Christianity under attack in California, Trump’s CIA pick tough on terror, Virginia Senate race and more.

Monday’s Show

The White House correspondent’s dinner, Brian Maloney asks is it time for it to end?, Admiral Ronny Jackson’s resignation, Maria Espinoza on the illegal alien caravan arriving at the U.S. border and more.

Wednesday’s Show

The hullabaloo over President Trump’s nominee to head the VA, Michael Daugherty on the DNC’s Russia collusion lawsuit, Oregon Governor candidate Greg Wooldridge, Diane Gruber on the Oregon State Bar, David Shestokas on a Texas court ruling on revenge porn.

Monday’s Show

Sen. Rand Paul on the nomination of Mike Pompeo for Sec. of State, Kellyanne Conway’s husband’s anti-Trump tweets, Scott Paly discusses a poll of millennials that says the term “snowflakes” is harmful to their mental health and more.