Jayne talks about President Trump’s foreign affairs.  Also the future of the Miss America Pageant with Libby Crawford.


Co-founder of the tea party movement Mark Meckler shares his op-ed: “Yes, Trump can pardon himself — and the left’s endless quest for magic bullets to stop him won’t work“.

Chris Chmielenski of NumbersUSA briefs us on the closed-door meeting on immigration that took place in the House.

In the Oregon Hour, Jayne and Kevin Hoar of the Oregon Republican Party discuss local politics including Secretary of State Dennis Richardson’s cancer diagnosis and Governor Kate Brown.

Plus a Tacky Tabloid update with Jayne and Dr. Scott including: Sorry for what? Bill Clinton insists he doesn’t owe Monica Lewinsky an apology for hijacking her life by seducing her while president – and says HE’S a victim because the legal fallout left him $16 million in debt

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