Jayne talks about President Trump’s pardon of conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza.


And the double standard with Roseanne as she wrote about in her latest blog “Jayne Says: Are Conservatives Dancing the Left Wing Jig Again“.

The Conservative Council convenes for a conversation on the Mueller probe, Roseanne’s racist tweet, Starbucks racial sensitivity training, Colin Kaepernick, plus predictions and ‘Dud’ and ‘Stud’ of the week nominations.

In the Oregon Hour: Did Greg Wooldridge pave the way for Knute Buehler’s eventual victory in a low turnout primary election?  And was there an orchestrated and funded plan for him to play the spoiler roll in the race to keep Sam Carpenter down by splitting the conservative anti-Buehler vote?  Also the Forbes article on Kate Brown… could it be the key to her ruin or will the Buehler campaign have to find something else?

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