On today’s agenda:

  • Obama inks big money Netflix deal.  Is it time to boycott Netflix?  What did he know and did he authorize the FBI plants in the Trump campaign?  What about an effort to sabotage other rap stars from “bonding” with Trump?
  • Pope Francis announces approval of being gay
  • Did racism and sexism keep Loretta Lynch out of the loop when the FBI and CIA were infiltrating the Trump campaign and letting Hillary Clinton off the hook?
  • Should Trump agree to be interviewed by Mueller if a date certain is set to wrap up the investigation by Sept. 1 and he gets to see the questions in advance?

Should the NFL get rid of cheerleaders this season?  Jayne discusses that possibility with Karen Straughan, a prominent advocate on men’s rights.

Dr. Paul Kengor asks: Does John Kerry’s actions to undermine President Trump’s policies constitute a violation of the Logan Act?


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