Jayne discusses the fallout of Tuesday’s election with an emphasis on her home state of Oregon.

We’re joined by the Republican nominee for Governor, Dr. Knute Buehler.

Kevin Hoar of the Oregon Republican Party has reaction to the results and the latest bombshell on Governor Kate Brown.

Also, the Conservative Council breaks it all down and much more.  They’ll be discussing:

  • A Republican senate committee supports net neutrality, another votes to report that Russia tried to help Trump win the presidency, and Republicans may block Trump’s nominee for CIA… remind me again why it is so important to have this body be Republican?
  • Will North Korea back out of Trump talks and why does the media seem to be celebrating?
  • Will Rosenstein open an investigation into President Trump on payment to Stormy Daniels, and if he does or doesn’t, what does this indicate about Sessions and the Justice Department?
  • Oregon election results: Biggest story?  Biggest disappointment?  What do the results portend for November?  Can the Republican Party heal after the bitter governor’s race?  Despite a hotly contested governor’s race, they were still out-distanced by Democrats in turnout (33%) even though there were no hotly contested races for the Democrats.  What does that tell us?
  • Plus predictions and ‘Dud’ and ‘Stud of the Week’ nominations.

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